The Story

I believe that art is something that heals (both the maker and the receiver of that art). A corporate lawyer by profession, I was living a perfect life. My work, it was powerful, important work but I knew something was always missing. 

I realised that my fondest childhood memories are that of colours, canvases and the smell of fresh paint. It is those memories which serve as an inspiration to build something, to create a whole new world of art. I am a self-taught artist who believes in putting my dreams and ambitions on a canvas and bringing them to life. I believe that we get to make our own rules; rules that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life we want.

My Favorite Quote

Life is divine mixture, multi dimensional and varied, live it to the fullest with zest and enthusiasm.

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What People Say

“Smita has this beautiful ability to brings life to her work and how! Her paintings evoke radiance, are audacious and so baroque!!
Feel privileged to be a recipient of one of her earliest pieces of art. ”

“It’s a blend of Indian culture and Modern art which is represented with beautiful colour combination creating a vibrant effect.
It’s a very beautiful work of art. ”

“Smita’s paintings at first glance are simple… But these paintings are a complex blend of colours and emotions coming together to weave a story. ”

“This beautiful painting I received as a gift from my love Smita on my birthday is one of my most prized possession. The abstract depiction of two women in colourful hues gazing at a distance against a light summery backdrop evokes a feeling of serenity and tranquility, simultaneously their beautifully poised figures exudes confidence and elegance. Smita is uniquely gifted to capture the spirit of the person to whom she is presenting her art to. 
Having witnessed many of Smita`s creations I was always amazed by the diversity and beauty of her every creation, like a quintessential artist Smita would never directly reveal her plans at the beginning instead would make me wait patiently for the art to unfold its own story. ”
– Shubhangi

“Smita’s paintings are a piece of creativity that she creates as if it was her own world.
The depth of dedication and the heat of the passion she has for the art reflects on every piece of canvas that take shape when each of her paintings are complete. In my case not only this was the best gift I have ever received, but the uniqueness of the painting has shown the amount of effort and thoughts she puts into her pieces of art. Thank you for that.
Keep up the great work Smita, your creativity is amazing. ”

“I am so thankful to Smita for this beautiful piece of art. She has been able to turn an ordinary object into a piece that i can showcase so proudly. i am so thrilled that someone of Smita’s exceptional caliber and artistic sensibilities chose to take time out to create something for me. I will cherish this forever. Once again ..Thank you Smita !”



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